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About Us



Karen and Linda ("KAR LIN"s) met during the covid pandemic when many were reevaluating circumstances, reassessing their goals and reimagining the next chapter in their lives. Individually, both, along with their husbands and children, decided to relocate to NH; where in the past, they had enjoyed the beautiful lake, rugged mountains, fresh air, calmer pace and friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

They met, virtually, via a women's networking organization and shared their stories of being successful corporate executives who now had a desire to become entrepreneurs; focusing on building something that celebrated family, good times and also offered an opportunity to share this with their surrounding community. Discovering that they both had a love of wine, cheese and meeting new people, they agreed that opening a shop would be a perfect new adventure for them to pursue together. They realized that Linda's life long passion for wine paired with Karen's out-going personality and desire to bring folks together, would blend well for creating this new endeavor.

They decided to embark on this journey in picturesque Meredith.

"We hope you'll come visit us at KARLINS and share your story with us. We look forward to introducing you to great wines from here in the US as well as from around the globe; highlighting hidden gems from some smaller production wineries that you may not know. Also be certain to ask us about our amazing female winemakers who are blazing a trail in the industry! Whatever the occasion, we want to help you find that perfect bottle to help relive a treasured memory, capture the current moment or celebrate what's next to come! Cheers!" 

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